4 November 2017

Happy Saturday! And Happy November! Where I was complaining that September just seemed to drag on for ages, October went by way too quick. It felt like it was such a busy month. Words cannot describe how much I needed this weekend too. It feels like October has been such a hectic month. And this week it all took a bit of a toll on me. Halfway through my week, I managed to catch a migraine and get some sort of stomach bug. I really am noticing a change in the weather, as I am starting to catch a lot more cold than normal. 

But to bring back a bit more of a happy mood, I am sharing yet another outfit from Edinburgh with you! It already feels like Edinburgh was months ago. By the second day my feet were so, so dead. I couldn't properly walk anymore, so I had to go for comfort. So I wore my Chucks with my favourite pair of striped trousers and an oversized H&M striped tee.

Lately this has been one of my go-to outfits too. I am always in doubt of whether or not you can mix prints, however I love how these horizontal and vertical stripes look together. It someone looks all right. 

 What I'm wearing:
H&M tee
Mango trousers (similar)
Converse All Star trainers
Rebecca Minkoff bag


  1. Such a cute and classis outfit, looks comfortable and stylish. And girl, those shades are BANGING!

    1. Thank you Kelly! These shades are one of my all time favourites :) xx


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