6 July 2018

Last year I already talked you through a travel outfit and discussed some of my tips for when you are travelling. This year I wanted to post yet another post but talk you a bit more through what I would wear when I am off on a short haul flight and why I would wear an outfit like this.

Oversized denim jacket

The first thing I would always bring is either a cardigan or a lightweight jacket. The past two years I have actually brought a denim jacket with me while travelling. It can get quite chilly on the plane and I definitely do not like being too cold when I am on a plane. A denim jacket is the perfect thing to wear on this occasion as it’s super lightweight, it’s a bit thicker than a duster coat, so it will definitely keep you warmer. I will be bringing an oversized denim jacket with me this year, as it can be a lot cosier to snuggle under when you’re a bit cold.

Oversized slogan tee

I talked you through my love for this tee earlier this week. I love how comfortable the NA-KD tees are, but what I love most, is that most of them are oversized. This gives makes it so comfortable to wear, especially when you are going to be on the plane for a few hours!


Just like last year, I am definitely going to be wearing a pair of culottes when I travel. Culottes are the most comfortable pair of trousers that I own that I could definitely see myself travel in. I don’t particularly like wearing dresses or shorts on a plane for the exact reason that it can get quite chilly, that’s why I would usually wear a pair of culottes instead. Culottes are very comfortable, the ones I am wearing actually have an elasticated waist, which makes them even more comfortable. It basically feels like I am going to be flying in a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Besides that these trousers are also designed in a way that they are quite flowy, this is just how they generally tend to design culottes. That definitely helps with being comfortable, as well as looking very fashionable while flying.


I am always wearing trainers, so it comes as no surprise that I would also wear a pair of trainers when I am travelling. This year I am probably going to put on my Pull & Bear white trainers. I love how these look on and they instantly make or break my outfits in my opinion. So these cannot be missed in my ‘shoedrobe’ when I am on holiday.

Shopper bag

Whenever I am travelling and I know I can bring a big suitcase with me for my luggage, I usually end up bringing a shopper bag. It’s just a very practical and big bag that I can fit my laptop, passport, purse, camera, a book and my e-reader in. Then once I am at the airport, I love to have a bottle of water to drink, so I can easily fit that in here too. It’s just easy to carry such a big bag around with you when you’re travelling as you know you will be able to fit so much in there. I am using such an old one that I got from ZARA when I was still in high school but still lasts me for the annual summer holiday trip to Marbella.

What I'm wearing
Bershka oversized denim jacket (similar)
NA-KD tee
ZARA culotte
Pull & Bear trainers (similar)
ZARA old shopper bag (similar)


  1. What a perfect travel look, I always grab my denim jacket, a big back pack and my comfiest trainers when travelling! Nothing worse than feeling uncomfy on transport, got to put comfort first!x
    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Thank you Lucy. Same, it's all about comfort! :) xx

  2. Love the lemon tee! You could totally wear this outside of traveling. The black on black outfits looks very chic. I think culottes are key for me since I'm quite short (5 ft). Bonus: I don't have to get them hemmed!

    Jasmine |

    1. Thank you Jasmine. I'm quite short too, and never have to get my culottes hemmed either, so perfect! :) xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit to travel in!
    Loving the lemon tee.

    Luke |Luke Heywood Style


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