15 October 2018

Happy Monday lovelies! I wanted to write a little post about tips on how I try to feel less anxious. Like I wrote in one of my latest posts, I had felt quite a lot of anxiety during the month of September. Sometimes your mind just tricks you and you start to feel anxious about all sorts of things, even though you are fully aware that there is no reason to be feeling that way. It’s just not something you can stop.

Anxiety and anxiety attacks have been part of my life ever since high school and whenever I go through these phases of feeling anxious there are always a few things I tend to do that help me feel less anxious. I thought I would share some of these things I do, as they might be helpful for those of you who suffer from anxiety, but also to those who do not, as you might be able to help someone in your life who does suffer from anxiety.


12 October 2018

Weekends are my absolute favourite. Saturday and Sunday are the days I usually look forward to most, like most of us, because it usually means I can focus on anything else but uni work. Every weekend is different too, but I thought it would be fun to share what my favourite autumn weekend activities are, just so I can get myself even more pumped for fun autumn activities.


10 October 2018

Five favourites of September It feels weird to write a post about all the things I have loved during September. We’re only half way through October, but September and beginning university at the beginning of September already feels like an absolute lifetime ago. I don’t what it is about this year but it really is just flying by within the blink of an eye, isn’t it? I always feel like the first few months of the year tend to go a bit slower and then after summer the months just fly by. Before we know it it’s Christmas again! But before I get to excited about all things Christmas, I am going to blog about five things I have loved using/wearing during the month of September.


8 October 2018

With it being October now, it is also time to slowly start building a autumn/winter wardrobe and like most people, I love going shopping for these A/W 2018-2019 wardrobe staples. Over the years that I have created the ‘wardrobe essentials’ posts on my blog, I have come to quite a few realisations as to how you get the most out of your AW wardrobe essentials. In today’s post I thought it would be fun to share the process I usually go through whenever I go start to go shopping for the new season and my upcoming AW wardrobe essentials post.


2 October 2018

First of all I would like to wish you all a happy October! How fast is this year going by? It's just insane, isn't it? I writing down all of my New Year's resolutions for a blog post like it was yesterday! I am super excited about autumn though. It definitely has to be one of my favourite seasons because of the pretty golden, crispy leaves, the hot chocolates and the scarves we're able to wear again.

Anyway, today I wanted to dedicate a little post as to why I have been a bit absent on my blog lately. So in today's post I just wanted to talk you through a few of my life updates, how I have been feeling and what has been on my mind.