3 June 2017

The weather has been wonderful earlier this week. That got me really excited for actual warm, summer weather. This post is very long overdue. In my post that I mentioned earlier this week , I already talked about me not feeling very inspired lately. However, I recently found my mojo back. I bought some clothes, and now feel very inspired to create lots of content again. This post is one of those seasonal posts that always come and make an appearance.

I am very late with this season’s wardrobe essentials post, but I am very excited to finally share my concrete wardrobe style essentials with you. Now that I waited this long, and basically made a curated list of this season’s wardrobe essentials.

Because I have quite a minimal style, that I like to stick to, I usually have a few items that come back every year. So this is no different.

Graphic Tee’s

The first essential in my 2017 summer wardrobe essentials post are graphic tees. I always mention graphic tees in my essential posts, as I feel like they are so easy to style. Graphic tees are really easy to dress up with a leather skirt or a fancy midi skirt (like I wore in this outfit). Or dress it down and add a leather jacket to your outfit.

I feel like a lot of high street stores are doing graphic tees lately. H&M and MissGuided probably do my favourite graphic tees. H&M do really good band tees and MissGuided do some really cool band inspired graphic tees. I recently got myself this Girl Gang tee by Boohoo, which is really cute too!

Striped tops

If I don’t mention stripes in at least one summer wardrobe essentials post, am I really alive? I don’t know. Stripes are such an essential in my wardrobe. I can’t live without anything striped in my wardrobe. Whether I am talking about striped shirts or striped tees. I love both. This season I have been loving the striped back bow shirts. I wore one in this outfit post. It makes the whole outfit a bit more special and looks very cute too.

ZARA, Mango and H&M usually do my absolute favourite striped tops and shirts. If you are looking for a basic striped tee, then keep reading because those are mentioned in my ‘The basics’ section.


Who would have thought that I would add patterns into my wardrobe? And do I see some colour in this essentials post too? Who am I? What is going on? I am never one to really wear patterns, but I am sold. We already know that I love stripes. But I love prints and patterns. Dots, stars, even the flower print is a big love for me. I already owned a few things patterned, such as the dot blouse by H&M Trend. I have had this blouse for about four years now. But there are a few other items that I recently got my hands on, such as this star printed dress is by Boohoo and this gorgeous flower print dress by H&M.

Wide Leg trousers/Culottes

There's always that one type of clothing item that I am always trying to get to work. And now I think I finally found a way to work the wide leg trousers with my length, or the lack of it. I definitely have been loving wide leg trousers lately, and I find that I finally found the style that looks good on me. I guess these are still kind of culottes too, but I also would like to mention a pair of flared trousers from Topshop. I might actually do a whole post on 'how to style wide leg trousers/culottes' soon, if that would be something that you're interested in.

Anyway, I am a big lover of black, so at this moment I only really own quite a few pairs of black wide leg trousers. The ones I currently own are from ZARA, Primark and Topshop. I would also really like to get my hands on a pair of white wide leg trousers, as I think that this colour would be great for the summer time. So while I'm still on the hunt for a pair of white wide leg trousers, and these ASOS ones are high on the current wishlist!

The Basics

I love my basics. Especially during the summer. I divided my 'the basics' selection into two seperate sections.

Denim Shorts

I love denim shorts during the summer. They're such a classic, easy to throw on pair of bottoms during the summer time. Denim shorts, black denim shorts, ripped denim shorts, you name them, I love them. Denim shorts always look so effortless. They are such an easy item to style. I usually get mine in stores such as H&M, ZARA, Mango, Bershka and Stradivarius. 

Basic tee’s

Just as much as I love throwing on denim shorts on during the summer, I love wearing basic tee's during the summer season. It's easy to throw on, and can be dressed down so easily. I honestly don't think I have to explain why basics are such an wardrobe essential, as I assume that everyone loves basics and has them in their wardrobe. The basics are needed to start up your wardrobe. My 'basic tee's' collection consists of white, black and grey t-shirts. 


  1. I love this! Also - hello from America! - I'm visiting a bunch of countries in Europe (Belgium, Germany, maybe the Netherlands?) this summer and it's comforting to see that Europeans wear denim shorts as well. I was worried that I would really stand out as a tourist if I wore denim.

    1. Hi Caitlin! Ohh that is exciting! I am pretty sure we Europeans love wearing denim shorts in summer (I do!), so you'll fit right in! ;) Have an amazing time in Europe! xx

  2. I literally want to go and buy all the striped tops you featured! Can never have too many... Great post as always :) x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris


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