14 March 2018

Lately I have been going through the biggest style rut. As much as I had been wanting to buy and wear shirts, the weather basically stopped me from doing so. It has been insanely cold over the past few weeks. When I finally had come to realize that I was just going to wear shirts even though it's cold, I came to the conclusion that I barely had any shirts left as I had a massive clear out in my wardrobe at the beginning of winter. Therefore I decided to get myself a few new shirts and tops, that I wanted to share with you.

Because I had this massive clothing clear out somewhere in winter last year, I had thrown out all of my shirts. Not realizing that I will soon be applying for some sort of an internship to write my thesis for uni. Besides that I also really started to notice that I really have been liking wearing shirts with jeans and a pair of smart trousers over the last couple of weeks. 

So I went to the H&M website and started ordering some shirts. I find that H&M do some really good, affordable shirts. They're not the best quality of course, but they usually last me a little while, while not breaking the bank. I got a white and a blue shirt, as well as a really lovely white and blue striped shirt.

Of course I can't stop myself from browsing through the jumpers and sweaters section because it was still so chilly. I stumbled on this really lovely sweatshirt by H&M that says √Čtoile, and it felt obligatory to get it. I am having such a big moment with anything that is French and embroidered onto jumpers and t-shirts. 

Mango always do such great pieces that are really affordable too. Over the past few weeks I have been eyeing up their website and saw so many pieces I liked. There are some really great items on there that would be great for my upcoming Spring/Summer Wardrobe Essentials post that I am still working on. While I wanted to wait a little longer until I ordered lots from Mango, I just couldn't resist not buying this really cute blouse. I am off on a proper fancy high tea on Sunday and wanted to feel a bit more fancy and this blouse does the trick. 

Then while I was randomly browsing the sale section at Mango I saw this really lovely turtle neck jumper. I already have this jumper in white, which you can see here. It's such a great and versatile jumper that I love and wear so much, that I just had to buy it myself in black too. It came in very handy on my trip to Brussels and I have been wearing it so much ever since I first got it! 

Mango jumper (sold out)

Of course I also have to incorporate some sort of shoes into my haul. My parents always tell me I have a bit of a shoe problem as I just own so many damn pairs of shoes. 

The first pair of shoes I bought in the last couple of weeks are these Stradivarius boots. I had to get my hands on these as I just love how they looked. I had seen them online a few times, but didn't really like them at first. Then I stumbled across them in store and fell in love! I love the scuba material on top of the booties. Even though winter is almost over, I also think these will look so cute with dresses or skirts! 

Then I was just minding my own business online the other day and I stumbled across these white trainers by Pull & Bear. I immediately fell for them because of the little blue detail on the back of the shoes. Now of course I definitely did not need another pair of white trainers, as I have three pairs of white Adidas trainers already, but I just couldn't resist picking these up. Blue will always be one of my favourite colours and I just fell for this back detail. These trainers literally came in the door yesterday, I am yet to wear them, so I will report back on these soon. 


  1. I LOVE that Mango blouse, it's so beautiful! And you just can't beat a good shirt, they go with everything ♥︎


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